The Visionary

Waikikita Tilley

Waikikita Tilley is redefining what it means to be a modern believer in Christ. Her willingness to be used by God to connect with women and girls of all ages has become evident in her daily interactions and work with her community.

Waikikita is an engineer and a driven businesswoman. She established her brand Waikiki Pro Makeup, LLC, in 2017.

What started as being a makeup artist servicing clients in her apartment has become a passion for helping women on a grander scale. Her conversations with women quickly became therapy sessions as she focused on enhancing their outer beauty and creating a safe space to help women identify their worth in multiple areas of their lives.

"I finally understand my why...."

Her impact started on an intimate platform long before she understood how God would use her. Waikikita mentioned, "If someone told me five years ago that God would use me to host a Women's Retreat, I would have never believed them! Yes, I've always loved God and was born and raised in the church, but I had no idea this was God's plan over my life. Honestly, now I see why and understand how God wants to use me, and I am submitting to His will. On this new platform, my goal is not to be limited by church traditions I have seen growing up; but have an open mind and willingness to be used in a unique capacity. God is showing me that he can use my chic style, my personal story of being healed from life experiences, and my youthfulness to bring Him glory, all while helping others."

Meet Waikikita, transformed from a broken fearful young girl to an insecure woman, to a healed mother, sister, daughter, friend, businesswoman, and leader; that took much dedication, discipline, resources, and spiritual growth. Her passion is to utilize her experiences, insight, and influence to help every soul she encounters learn their worth while becoming the best version of themselves.